Don't Let Door Dings Inflate Your Insurance

Get fast auto body repair service in Naples, ID, serving Bonners Ferry, ID

Hail, rogue shopping carts and people that park a little too close can all leave noticeable dings in your car's surface. But is it worth going to an auto dent repair technician at Western Auto Body?

Ignoring those small dents can have big consequences. If you're financing or leasing your vehicle, unrepaired damage can void your warranty. Punctures can also lead to rust, which can cause your car's value to plummet. Don't risk it. Call Naples, ID's top auto dent repair shop at 208-920-1281 right away to take care of vehicle damage.

What does auto body repair cover?

We handle all types of auto body repair work in the Naples, ID area, including:

  • Realignment-we'll restructure your car's frame for maximum safety.
  • Repainting-your car won't have a single visible scratch when we're done.
  • Replacements-we replace windshields, bumpers, doors and more.

For auto body repair services you can count on, come to Western Auto Body today.